Retail Packaging

Bird & Cronin Physician’s Choice® 

Bird and Cronin has been a manufacturer of orthopedic soft goods since 1970. Bird and Cronin’s manufacturing facilities are located in Eagan, Minnesota and the majority of Bird and Cronin products are manufactured in the USA.

Bird and Cronin has developed and sold product primarily to the hospital, orthopedic physician, sports medicine and physical therapy markets and over the years their products have been well-received as the primary choice for many healthcare professionals. With the evolution of healthcare delivery with regards to the procurement and reimbursement for products that patients need, there has been a shift in responsibility to the patient in sourcing these products since the physician clinics are not being reimbursed if they issue them. As a result, patients have found it difficult to find the same level of product outside of the physician clinic office as they would have received from their physician and healthcare professional in the past.

Bird and Cronin has introduced the Physician’s Choice® product line for the DME Homecare market to help bridge the feature and quality gap that exists between the physician office and products available to patients outside of the physician’s office.

Packaging Details