B-Cool® Cryo Wrap

SKU #: 0814 3394; 0814 3397; 0814 3392; 0814 3393; 5000 3394; 5000 3396

  • Designed to support the application of cold or hot therapy to common injury areas
  • Multi-use application includes knee, shins, ankle, foot, elbow, and wrist
  • Wrap constructed of 6” wide stretch-elastic with attached Sure-Chek® cold-pack pocket
  • Wrap accommodates one B-Cool® gel pack and is available in 24” and 48” lengths
  • Hook-to-loop closure allows variable compression and easy application
  • All-purpose wrap reduces inventory requirements
  • Purchase wrap separately or combined with B-Cool® Gel Packs
HCPCS Code: A9273*
Reorder No.  Description Size  Unit
0814 3394 Wrap with B-Cool® 1.0 Gel 2/PK 6″x24″ Each
0814 3397 Wrap with B-Cool® 2.0 Gel 2/PK 6″x24″ Each
0814 3392 Wrap Only 6″x24″
Physician’s Choice® Packaging Description Size Unit
5000 3394 Wrap with B-Cool® 1.0 Gel 2/PK  6”x24” Each
5000 3396  Wrap with B-Cool® 2.0 Gel 2/PK  6”x48” Each
*It is the Patient Care Facility’s responsibility to determine medical necessity; ensure coverage criteria are met; and submit appropriate HCPCS codes, modifiers, and charges for provided medical devices. Bird & Cronin suggested HCPCS codes are provided as a courtesy and do not superscede the Patient Caregiver’s full responsibility for the accurate billing of services and medical devices provided