B-Cool® Chest & Ab Binder

Bringing comfort to recovery!

Bird & Cronin’s new B-Cool Chest & Ab Binder Wrap combines the support of a chest or abdominal binder and the pain relief of cold therapy.

Conveniently and efficiently place entire wrap with pre-inserted gel packs directly into freezer

Easily and securely fasten with hook and loop closure to ensure a comfortable fit every time

Available in two sizes to accommodate a variety of patients: 10”x28-50” & 10”x48-72”

U2™ Wrist Brace

U2 Wrist with Thumb Brace Universal is designed to stabilize, support and protect the wrist and thumb The thumb brace has a dual strap thumb wrap for comfort and support of the thumb.

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Thera Cane™ for Deep Pressure Massage

Massage hard to reach muscle groups with Thera Cane™. Six strategically placed therapy nodes enables users to apply deep therapy massage to painful trigger points with pin-point precision. Includes an illustrated booklet detailing how to effectively relieve discomfort.  

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U2™ Universal Wrist Brace

Stabilize, support, and protect the patient’s wrist without limiting thumb rotation or finger movement. Single-pull lacing closure straps for quick adjustment of fit and compression. removable metal palmar stay is malleable for customization of wrist extension. Universal size fits most patients reducing inventory.

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Anklizer® II Walker – Fixed Ankle

Protect and stabilize the ankle and foot with our durable boot frame with metal uprights in a lightweight low-profile walker. Rocker sole with low-profile heel promotes a comfortable more natural gait. Hook-and-loop leg straps are positional for custom fit and stability.

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Crandall™ Elbow and Wrist Splint

Immobilize the elbow, without preventing arm movement. Ideal for covering and protecting arm IV sites. Constructed of nylon laminated foam with reinforced aluminum stays. Hook-and-loop tab closures for easy application and removal.

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Walking Belt

Reduce the risk of patient falls and injuries during movement. Walking belts help safely transfer a patient between a bed and wheelchair or assist with sitting and standing. Sturdy material built using 2”-wide blue heavy-duty webbing. Product treated with an antimicrobial.

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Anklizer® II Walker Boots

Durable boot frame designed to stabilize and protect the ankle and foot.  With its tri-layer composite liner plus additional anterior ankle pad our walker boots provide excellent protection and comfort.