Eagan II™ One Piece Extrication Collar – Sized

SKU #: 0814 9421; 0814 9422; 0814 9423; 0814 9425; 0814 9426

  • Disposable, one-piece rigid collar restricts flexion, extension, and rotation
  • Can be easily applied in either a sitting or supine position
  • Unique “flip-chin” piece facilitates intubation
  • Radiotranslucent; CT and MRI compatible
  • Nasal cannula tube holder on collar body
  • Designed to store completely flat
HCPCS Code: L0140*
Reorder No. Code Size  Color Code
0814 9421 Infant Purple
0814 9422 Pediatric Green
0814 9423 Neckless Red
0814 9425 Regular Blue
0814 9426 Tall Pink
*It is the Patient Care Facility’s responsibility to determine medical necessity; ensure coverage criteria are met; and submit appropriate HCPCS codes, modifiers, and charges for provided medical devices. Bird & Cronin suggested HCPCS codes are provided as a courtesy and do not superscede the Patient Caregiver’s full responsibility for the accurate billing of services and medical devices provided