Universal Wrist Wrap with Gel Pad

SKU #: 0814 4240; 0814 4241

  • Designed to stabilize, restrict, and protect the wrist without limiting thumb rotation
  • Brace fits below the distal palmar crease permitting normal finger function
  • Constructed of neoprene with hook-sensitive laminate for warmth and compression
  • Removable contoured-aluminum palmar stay is malleable for customization of wrist extension
  • Non-removable silicone pad between palmar stay and hand for increased comfort
  • Stretchable wrist strap with hook tab closure secures anywhere on wrap
  • Positional thumb-web strap for a personalized fit and greater comfort
  • Wrap opens flat for convenient cleaning
  • Universal one-size-fits-most reduces inventory requirements
HCPCS Code: L3908*
Right Wrist
Reorder No.
 Left Wrist
Reorder No.
Brace Size  Brace Length
0814  4240 0814  4241 Universal 6″

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*It is the Patient Care Facility’s responsibility to determine medical necessity; ensure coverage criteria are met; and submit appropriate HCPCS codes, modifiers, and charges for provided medical devices. Bird & Cronin suggested HCPCS codes are provided as a courtesy and do not superscede the Patient Caregiver’s full responsibility for the accurate billing of services and medical devices provided