Tuli’s® Heel Cups™ – Standard and Super

SKU #: 0814 0427; 0814 0428; 0814 0429

  • Cushions and absorbs shock while promoting stability and proper alignment
  • Grid design bears down and rotates with normal motion of the foot to absorb shock
  • Cushion and elevation takes pressure off the Achilles tendon
  • Help relieves plantar fasciitis, heel pain, and shin splint pain
  • Standard-grid for everyday wear and super-grid for competitive athletic wear
HCPCS Code: L3485*
Reorder No. Description Unit
0814 0427 Regular under 175 lbs Pair
0814 0428 Large over 175 lbs Pair
0814 0429 Regular under 175 lbs Pair
*It is the Patient Care Facility’s responsibility to determine medical necessity; ensure coverage criteria are met; and submit appropriate HCPCS codes, modifiers, and charges for provided medical devices. Bird & Cronin suggested HCPCS codes are provided as a courtesy and do not superscede the Patient Caregiver’s full responsibility for the accurate billing of services and medical devices provided